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Premium Carp Fishing

Premium Carp Food provides the best carp bait and carp fishing boilies for your fishing trip. Our high quality, specially formulated carp boilies are designed to attract fish and keep them there. We also provide some of the best carp fishery venues Cambridgeshire has to offer! Whether you're an experienced carp angler or a beginner we have the perfect venue for every carp angler.

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Premium Carp Food

We use only the best available food-sourced ingredients for our carp fishing boilies and carp bait. You'll find no dyes or artificial flavours and only human grade stabilisers.

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We use only the best food-sourced natural ingredients in all of our carp bait and boilie recipes.


With over 40+ years in the bait industry we know a thing or two about what carp love to eat and how to catch them.