Sweet Amino - What’s in our Carp Fishing Boilies?

Sweet Amino - What’s in our Carp Fishing Boilies?

Welcome to the first instalment of our new blog series ‘What’s in our carp fishing boilies?’. A four part blog that delves a little deeper and explores each of our carp fishing baits and why we’ve developed them. 

The aim of this article is to give you a better understanding of our carp boilies and hopefully that goes some way in helping you make a decision on which of our boilies is best for your carp fishing.

Sweet Amino Carp Fishing Pop-ups

An Introduction to Sweet Amino carp fishing boilies

Sweet Amino is now well within the ranks of what we’d define as a successful, well-established carp fishing bait and it’s easy to see why. If we look back over the years there have been many captures attributed to anglers using Sweet Amino. Of course, we understand that a carp fishing bait is just one of many cogs turning when it comes to what’s required for a successful carp fishing trip. That said, we understand the vital role a nutritional carp fishing bait has in putting more fish on the bank and creating a bait that carp want is of the utmost importance to us and our customers. 

So what’s the difference in creating a bait a carp wants rather than a bait it eats out of necessity? Our answer is Amino acids, which for a long time have been associated with creating a feeding stimulus in fish. We don’t claim to be scientists or fully understand why this is, but from our own research conducted (over many years) we know that some amino acids are more essential than others and more attractive to carp because either they occur naturally in their diet or they’re good for the health of the carp. Meaning that if we add what the carp knows to be good for them  - we will have a more desirable bait. 

The smell in Sweet Amino boilies that is detectable to the human nose comes from a liquid that is used by the pig farming industry to encourage piglets to feed. It’s a sweet, sickly almost honey-like scent that is very distinctive and rather pleasant - most importantly carp seems to like it alot! 

Sweet Amino Carp Fishing Hard Hookers

How did we decide on the right amino blend?

We can’t actually tell you, after all we need to keep some of our processes private. That said there is nothing secret about amino acids in carp fishing and if you’d like to know more a quick Google search will give you everything you need to know. 

You’ll find countless articles and scientific papers out there detailing the research into which amino acids are most attractive to fish/carp, differing thoughts on varying levels of amino acids and what’s the most effective. You’ll also find a rich history of how amino acids have long been used in the fish rearing industry. Most of these papers are difficult to understand but essentially this is where we started and after many hours of research, testing and development this is how we arrived at what we believe to be a major upgrade in the attractiveness and effectiveness of our carp fishing baits. 

Sweet Amino Carp Fishing Bait Booster Spray

What’s in the base mix?

The Sweet Amino base mix is a generic blend of what people in the bait development circles would loosely call a ‘bird food mix’ which basically contains ground seeds mixed with other ingredients such as soya and maize and then adding various flavours and smells. 

So when we’re asked what the Sweet Amino base mix is? We usually defer to the standard answer of it’s a ‘bird food mix’ but in saying so we’re doing this carp bait a huge dis-service - it’s much more than just a bird food mix. 

However many carp anglers understand boilie base mixes to broadly fit into one of the following categories of ‘fish meal’, ‘milk-protein’ or ‘bird food’. Which means when we’re asked and we give the answer ‘bird food mix’ we usually get the nod of understanding and most will be happy with that answer. 

What makes Sweet Amino different from other boilies?

So if it’s not just a bird food mix what is it? Well we’ll begin by saying that it’s a complex blend of ingredients and flavour profiles that we have total confidence in but most importantly carp like it and it’s good for them.

Need to know more? Ok, ok - the Sweet Amino mix is a blend of grounded seeds and nuts, powdered milk derived products, soya and our own special blend of powdered amino acids and powdered enhancers - making this carp fishing bait much more than just a bird food mix!

Sweet Amino Carp Fishing Boilies

Why did we develop Sweet Amino?

A few years ago we set out to develop a carp fishing bait that carp would instantly find attractive and would know is good for them. This meant we’d need to create a quality base mix with high levels of amino acids that carp could sense and would want to eat knowing it’s beneficial to their diet. A bait that they would seek out time and time again that would equate to more fish on the bank for the carp anglers.

What isn’t in Sweet Amino

So we’ve gone to some lengths to discuss what's in this carp bait and why we’ve developed it, but just as important is to mention what isn't in this bait. First of all there are no oils in Sweet Amino, we know oil is not water-soluble meaning that as soon as the colder months arrive the bait (if it contains oil) will become less effective and lock in all the goodness the boilie has to offer. Not good for your catch rate or the carp searching for a nutritional and easily digestible food source.

Secondly we do not use any artificial dyes, they add nothing to the nutritional value and some can taste very bitter. Because there are no artificial dyes contained in this bait throughout the year our boilies may slightly vary in colour. It’s nothing to worry about and is due to the seasonal raw ingredients available at the time.

Sweet Amino Carp Fishing Bait Boilie Bundle  

When is the right time to use Sweet Amino?

Sweet Amino has been designed for year-round use meaning that once you’ve built your own confidence from using this carp bait you can stick with it all year. We understand that chopping and changing fishing baits throughout the year can result in the effectiveness of your fishing, meaning that a drop in confidence (even on one trip) can be the difference between catching a carp or not. 

How can I get my hands on Sweet Amino?

The Sweet Amino range covers all of the essential carp fishing baits you could ever need when fishing for carp. This includes boilies, pop-ups, wafters, liquids and more! We also have a Boilie Bundle Deal that we believe to be very good value for money and gives you everything you need to start using this carp fishing bait effectively from the outset. Not only that, you also get free delivery when purchasing any of our Boilie Bundle Deals!