Premium Carp Venue

Earith Lakes Fisheries

One of the Most Exclusive Carp Fisheries in Cambridgeshire!

Due to high demand - waiting lists are currently closed

This venue comprises of two stunning, well-established specimen carp fishing syndicates. Both Woodpecker Lake and The Trout Lake are now run as syndicate carp venues with waiting lists in operation. Both lakes have a good head of carp to the high 40s with some stunning mirrors and commons going up to 60lb+. Set on private land, off the beaten track the carp lakes not only offer some of the most exclusive carp fishing in Cambridgeshire - but beautiful surroundings too. To enquire about these beautiful carp lakes hit the button below.

The Trout lake - carp syndicate fishing

Converted to a carp syndicate for the 2017 season, this 12-acre former Trout lake has been extensively stocked with approx. 100 Premium carp to boast the original and unfished for stock, with further stocking planned. Fish are growing fast with around 16 of them now going over 30lb; there are 5 x 40’s with two fish going over 46lb, (two of a number of spare fish I dropped in the Trout lake around 2012!) The Largest Common is an original fish caught at 37-07. The lake has been oversubscribed since opening, there is currently a midweek only waiting list in operation. The season runs from the 1st March annually.

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Woodpecker Lake - carp fishing syndicate

Woodpecker is a mature and established 15-acre lake set in beautiful countryside. Originally stocked in the 1980’s then used as a trout lake for approx. 20 years, the current syndicate was established in 2011 and has grown year on year. Fish have been chipped over the years to create an accurate record of stock, growth rates and general condition with approximately 125 known fish including 20 at 30-35lb, 11 fish between 35–40lb, there are 10 fish over 40lb of which 6 are over 50 up to 64lb. There are approximately 60 original Commons including 13 over 30lb to 42lb, a handful of original Mirrors with the remainder being mostly Mirrors stocked over the past 10 years.

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Some of the fishing syndicate carp