TeamPCF - A carp fishing community

TeamPCF - A carp fishing community

This one is probably best answered right at the very beginning by stating what TeamPCF isn’t. We’re not an ‘exclusive carp bait testing team’, we’re also not a ‘boilie field tester team’ and we’re certainly not ‘sponsored carp anglers’.

Phew! With that off of our chests, we can focus on explaining what is TeamPCF?, who can join? and what do we do beyond carp angling? 

So what is TeamPCF?

TeamPCF is simply a group of like-minded carp anglers who all have a couple of things in common - they love carp fishing and they choose to use Premium Carp Food. Based all over the UK many of our customers knew of one another but had never actually met. 

Forming TeamPCF offered each of our customers (who wanted to join) the opportunity to meet up and create their own ‘carpy connections’ and have some fun whilst doing it. These meet-ups come in the form of socials, held three times a year at Holme Fen Fishery. Alongside the amazing angling, drinks and BBQs on offer we also do a charity raffle - of which the proceeds go to a chosen charity. 

What are the benefits of joining TeamPCF?

If all of the above isn’t tempting enough TeamPCF also offers the following benefits;

Early Access to New Products

When developing new carp bait and boilies most bait companies have a trial period to see how effective their products are, whether they work and to test the market. We’re no different, but once we’re confident our bait catches carp we make sure it’s TeamPCF who gets their hands on it first!

Discounted Prices

By simply signing up (for free) to join TeamPCF we give you a minimum of 20% off of our entire range. This comes in the form of a discount code that you can use immediately on our online store. Not only that but spend over £60 and you’ll also get free, safe and speedy delivery!

Exclusive Invites

We’ve mentioned this above already but to elaborate - each year we do a minimum of three carp fishing socials for our team members. Predominantly these are held at the mighty Holme Fen Fishery where we often see members break their PBs. It’s at these socials members get to mingle, crack a can and enjoy the BBQ and chippy run we put on each and every time - even in the rain! 

Community Access

What’s a team without discussion? Join TeamPCF and gain access to our private Facebook page and Whatsapp group where you can expect the finest banter, laughs, share your catch reports and discuss bait and tactics. 

Priority Bookings on Premium Carp Fisheries

It’s no secret that more often than not our ‘book-on’ carp fisheries book up quickly - a testament to the quality carp fishing on offer! When possible we sometimes have opportunities to exclusively book carp fishing venues such as Abbey lake or Holme Fen Fishery making these available for team members only. 

Premium carp fishing - helping charities across the UK

Who we’ve helped - beyond angling?

Our community isn’t just about this fishing. We understand that life has its up and downs and with that comes tough times, not just for our anglers but for the public too. Each year we donate a significant amount of the proceedings made during the socials to a given charity. 

More often than not these charities have been selected because they’ve been there for one of us at some stage in our lives. We believe that if we can affect one person's life positively from the proceedings of our team socials, then they’re worth doing for that alone. Charities we’ve donated a total of more than £10K+ to in the more recent years include The MS Society, The Sue Ryder Hospice, Papworth Hospital and various others.

Carp fishing socials in Cambridgeshire - Premium carp fishing

How to join TeamPCF?

If you’d like to save at least 20% on all items on this website you can - FOR FREE! All you have to do is join TeamPCF. By simply filling out a short form on this page we’ll then email you a discount code that you can use right away. Not only this but you’ll also get all the benefits below... 

  • Invites to exclusive TeamPCF Social (held at the formidable Holme Fen Fishery)
  • An invite to the private TeamPCF Facebook page
  • Priority booking on PCF lakes (when available you’ll hear first)
  • Early access to new products not yet available to public

Ohh, and not only that, you might also make a friend or two from the 200+ active members who have already joined TeamPCF.