How to Re-hydrate your Boilies

How to Re-hydrate your Boilies

Re-hydrating carp fishing boilies has been a time-tested solution to getting the best from your carp fishing baits for decades. All boilies when produced are at their very best but over time both shelf life and fresh frozen boilies can often lose their edge and will be in need of a little boost. Re-hydrating your boilies not only adds an additional boost of attraction but also means the boilies you buy are more effective - for longer! 

Why Re-hydrate your boilies?

We’ve mentioned above that the process of re-hydrating your boilies is to add an additional boost of scent and flavour to your boilies but not only that, it also means you get to control the firmness of your boilies over time. For example when a boilie is removed from a freezer initially it will be soft and ready to go, but over the course of your fishing session they can harden meaning that whilst they’re great for lobbin’ into the next swim with a throwing stick, they’re not as attractive when they hit the lake bed. Of course, the lake water will eventually soften them but we’re carp anglers and we want results FAST!

How to Re-hydrate your boilies

Re-hydrating your boilies couldn’t be simpler, but there are some things you’ll need. Boilies are a given, a bucket or container is also required. Ideally if you have access to lake water, rain water or any water that isn’t from a ‘mains tap’ that would be brilliant. Finally we recommend a Liquid Enhancer to add that additional flavour and scent boost to your carp fishing boilies. When you’ve got these… you can follow the three step process below;

 How to rehydrate carp fishing boilies to catch more carp - Premium Carp Food

Step 1: Grab your Boilies

Whether you prefer shelf life boilies or fresh frozen boilies you can re-hydrate both. Although in this article we’re predominantly discussing the re-hydration of fresh frozen boilies the same method applies to both and works just as effectively. 

Grab your desired amount of boilies from the freezer and add to a bucket or container. Make sure this is water-tight and doesn't allow for leaks. We tend to re-hydrate boilies in batches of 1-5kg at a time meaning that we're not over-using what we've got but more importantly making sure we're not wasting products. You can do larger quantities but unless split into smaller batches it may affect the quality of your boilies.


How to rehydrate carp fishing boilies to catch more carp - Premium Carp Food

Step 2: Add a cap full of Liquid Enhancer

Next you’re going to want to add the Liquid Enhancer. Our guide is 1 cap of Liquid Enhancer  per 1 Kilo of boilies. Also it’s not unheard of to mix and match the Liquid Enhancer flavour with a different Boilie flavour for a more unique bait offering. Little bait edges like this can often reap the rewards!

 How to rehydrate carp fishing boilies to catch more carp - Premium Carp Food

Step 3: Fill the container with water

Finally all you need to do now is to fill the container or bucket with natural lake, river or rain water (tap water can contain chemicals that carp can detect). Make sure that the water does not exceed the height of the boilies and you’re ready to re-hydrate. We’d recommend allowing them to re-hydrate overnight but after about 4 hours they should have re-hydrated enough and pulled in all that additional attraction. 

 How to rehydrate carp fishing boilies to catch more carp - Premium Carp Food

Good to Know…

When you’re ready to begin your carp fishing session you can drain off the boilies at home or lakeside. Leaving them in the water for longer will eventually soften them too much to be catapulted or used in a throwing stick but it’s worth knowing that a softer boilie is more attractive to carp as they can digest them more easily.

Ready to Re-hydrate Carp Boilies?

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