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Premium Carp Fishing - in association with Fenland Fisheries Ltd

Abbey Lake

A Mature Estate Lake of Approximately 5 Acres Situated in Rural Cambridgeshire.

This well established lake has only been lightly fished since 2003 and so coupled with a supplementary feeding program of high quality pellets the carp stocks have gained optimum weight.

Abbey lake was first stocked with 150 carp of 2-3lb in 1999 and many of these fish have grown on to good sizes with many either in high doubles or over the twenty pound mark. An additional stocking of 20 specimen sized fish between 16lb-22lb took place in March 2007 and in 2008 a further 20 carp of similar size from our own Premium Carp growing-on lakes were introduced. These fish were only five summers old when stocked and are destined to become very sizeable carp indeed.

We are now looking at a total stock of approximately 140 carp from 12lb-30lb+ of both mirror and common carp varieties residing in Abbey lake. The current lake record is 34lb 10oz and this is sure to be broken time and again with much bigger fish now coming through from our stocking in 2007.

As Abbey lake is part of a working farm security is paramount and therefore access is restricted and controlled by a coded security gate. This gives anglers the additional benefit of added security whilst enjoying their fishing and you can also drive your car right up to the swim!.

Abbey lake is set to become an amazing fishery with some truly wonderful hard fighting carp that will almost certainly go on to attain huge weights!

Booking Tariffs & Rules

1st March - 30th November
Weekends - £30.00 per 24Hrs
Weekdays - £25.00 per 24Hrs

30th November - 28th February
Weekends - £25.00 per 24Hrs
Weekdays - £20.00 per 24Hrs


Willow Lake

Willow Lake has been Established as a Specimen Carp Water since 1992, Many of the Fish are the Originals Stocked back in 1988 at the weight of just 1-2lb.

Covering 6-7 acres we believe the carp stock numbers around 180 fish with approximately 70% over 20lb and many upper twenties. There are a further 20-25 fish over 30lb with a further 4 fish over 40lb with the present lake record at 47lb 4oz (November 2012) Additional stocks include a few Grass carp to 25lb+, Catfish to over 75lb, Tench to 12lb, Bream, Roach and Rudd.

A fantastic fishery where many anglers have smashed there personal bests, Welcome To Fenland Fisheries.

Booking Tariffs & Rules

1st March - 30th November
Sunday - Thursday
- £30.00 per night
- 2 nights or more £25.00 per night

Friday & Saturday Nights
- £30.00 per night
No discounts on Friday or Saturday

30th November - 28th February
- £20.00 per night

All bookings for this lake can be made between 9:30am and 4:30pm on (01487) 841 858.


Vermuyden Lake

Vermuyden Lake is named after the Dutch Engineer Responsible for the Drainage of the Fens and is a Heavily Stocked Lake of some 2-3 Acres.

The stock includes 200+ carp to 28lb, Tench, Roach and Rudd. Very popular with anglers new to carp fishing and also experienced anglers who enjoy plenty of arm aching action. Many of the fish in this gem of a lake are into double figures.

The carp respond well to all methods but the conventional carp fishing method with boilies two rods and hair rigs will give you a much better chance of picking up the bigger ones in the lake. The lake fishes well all year through and is an excellent winter venue providing sport even in icy conditions.

Vemuyden lake has a sloping bottom going from 3-4ft in the margin on the road bank to 10-12ft on the fen side. The margin provides plenty of sport and moderate carp tackle in the 1.5lb-2.75lb test curve class with 10-15lb line is well suited to this lake.

Booking Tariffs & Rules

1st March - 30th November
- £10.00 per day
- £20.00 per night

Juniors (Under 16) & O.A.P's.
- £7.50 per day
- £15.00 per night

30th November - 28th February
- £8.50 per day
- £15.00 per night

Juniors (Under 16) & O.A.P's.
- £6.00 per day
- £15.00 per night

All bookings for this lake can be made between 9:30am and 4:30pm on (01487) 841 858.

Blackberry Pool

A mature 1½ acre lake, tucked away on a very private estate near Peterborough.

Picture yourself and a mate on a secluded, spring-fed pool, surrounded by trees with reed and rush-lined margins and beds of lillies. It is place that is only occasionally sees an angler and the fish can be stalked in the margins. This is the beautiful Blackberry Pool, the latest addition to Premium Carp Fishing’s portfolio of quality carp waters.

Blackberry Pool has been very lightly fished in recent years. The original stock consists of 15 or so carp to mid/high-twenties, but these were supplemented by a stocking of 20 fast-growing Premium Carp up to 21lb in weight in spring 2013. These were fed and largely untouched for over a year following their stocking, and we expect that some will make the high twenties during the coming season. To maintain the quality of both the fishing and the natural environment at this stunning venue, we will only be allowing a maximum of 2 or 3 sessions per month.

Booking Tariffs & Rules


Thorney Mere Lake - Teakettle Fisheries

This 10 acre 'untouched paradise' is set next to Whittle Mere lake on the Teakettle Fisheries complex and is due to open in May 2014!

Thorney mere is very much still in the early stages of becoming an amazing venue, the lake is well hidden and still much of an untouched paradise as far as the fishing is concerned. During a 'test fish' to find out what the lake holds, Gary was lucky enough to land Teakettle's first 30lb carp and with many of the residents still uncaught who knows what else there is! Thorney mere will be managed in the same way as abbey and willow lake with a first come, first serve booking basis only.

Whittle Mere Lake (Syndicate) - Teakettle Fisheries

Whittle Mere lake is 20 acre gravel pit located just outside of Peterborough, it has 23 well appointed swims. The lake holds around 400 carp with the average size being in the low twenties.

The Whittle Mere lake syndicate is now open! We have a full 50 man syndicate running on this water with an ever growing waiting list for next year. Already we have seen some great catches with the average stamp of fish coming out around the 20lb mark. Whittle Mere's biggest resident currently stands at 34lb but could well be beaten as there's still a lot of unbanked fish.

Due to demand the Whittle Mere syndicate now has a waiting list in operation.
To add your name to the list see deatils below.

For more information ring Gary Spencer on 07884 068 501 (Mon-fri 9-5)

Pingles Pool (Syndicate)

The Fishery has been Established for Over 25 Years so there are some Nice Old Lumps Lurking in there.

The lake record currently stands at 36lb 12oz and was caught in September 2007. We believe current stocks of carp to be around 60 fish of mirror, leather and common varieties. Most of these fish weigh in excess of 20lb.

Pingles pool is a very picturesque and typical little carp pool of some 4 acres. It has many features including shallow bars, lilly pads, reed fringed margins and mature trees surrounding the swims.

With only five swims, one a double swim, and fishing permitted from 2 banks only, membership is limited to a maximum of 8 anglers.

For more information ring Gary Spencer on 07884 068 501 (Mon-fri 9-5)



This Beautiful Untouched Paradise is owned by David & Deborah Mennie and is Situated just of the A1, North of Peterborough.

David is a well known and very successful local angler, who has put his heart and soul, not to mention sweat into creating a truly wonderfully fishery.

A stunning mature 10 acre gravel pit, reed fringed and tree lined.

Some original carp to 40 plus, mirrors and commons, plus several stockings of Premium Carp supplied by Fenland Fisheries Ltd.

In addition a further 20 stunning carp from Greenacre's own on site stock ponds were introduced in 2012.

Friday and Saturday nights 3 anglers only and Tuesday and Wednesday nights 3 anglers only, all other nights the fishery will be closed.

Contact Dave Mennie on 07738 754764 (Mon-fri 9-5)


Earith Lake (Syndicate)

A unique opportunity to fish relatively unknown water in Cambridgeshire where the full extent of fish stock is still to be determined, previously unknown fish to us are turning up each year.

Owned by Martin and Alex Dawson this stunning 15 acre Gravel Pit features clear water, gravel bars, deep holes, weedy areas and a tree lined out of bounds bank. For 20 years the lake was used for Trout Fishing and not much attention was paid to the Carp stock which had grown on in an unpressured environment, feeding on the rich natural supply of snail, shrimps, mussels and nymphs. Initially there was a stocking 71 original Carp (Based on what has been caught to-date) consisting of 56 Commons to 34lb 10oz and 15 Mirrors to 32lb 4oz, a further 13 Mirrors to 29lb were stocked in 2011 and in 2012 another 12 Mirrors to 17lb. The last stocking was made in 2013 of 8 Mirrors to 29lb; approximately 80% of all fish caught in 2013 have come out at their best weight, a great sign for the future. 2013 saw 26 30lb plus captures.

Swims are cut into large beds of Norfolk reed, creating sanctuary and peaceful surroundings from which to fish. There is plenty of room around the Lake with well tendered grass areas to ensure you have adequate room to comfortably setup and enjoy your fishing session. The grounds are kept to a high standard for the pleasure of all.

Contact Earith Lakes on 01487 740301 (Mon-fri 9-5)

French Fisheries We Recommend

Lake Beauregard

is in the Champagne region of France, an easy 3.5 hour drive from Calais and is owned by Roger and Sarah Pearce.The nearest town is Vitry Le François which is a 10 minute drive away.

The lake is 10 acres with lots of features, deep margins and small islands with depths from 3ft – 10ft. The lake has 13 swims with plenty of room to move around and areas for stalking.It is available for the exclusive use for parties of up to 6 anglers.

There are over 300 mirror and common carp to over 55lbs, grass carp to over 40lbs and cats to 90lbs. The average weight of carp caught last year was 34lbs with the largest mirror at 55lbs and common at 50lbs.

Prices are for the exclusive use of the lake and facilities.The lodge includes a fully equipped kitchen and dining room, toilet and shower. There is a separate freezer for bait and electric sockets for charging bait boats. A shaded patio and barbeque area overlooks the lake.

Premium carp fishing ltd are proud to recommend this venue to all our associates,

Le Quoroy

is an exclusive lake situated in Southwest France, 50 miles south of Poitiers.

Most of the fish in the main lake are 30 – 45 lbs (mirrors, leather and common carp) but there are some mirrors to nearly 50 lbs. There are also 14 grass carp to 40 lbs. The lakes and surrounding meadows provide a pleasant backdrop. The fishing is exclusively for those who hire the Lodge. Six is the maximum number of people permitted per holiday (anglers and guests).

The lake bares an uncanny resemblance to Redmire Pool. Carole Townley coined the name ‘The French Redmire’ on her first visit in 1998 and the name has stuck.

Premium carp fishing ltd are proud to recommend this venue to all our associates,